Mango and Strawberry Macarons

A few years ago I went through a bit of obsession with making macarons and it went something like this... first attempt: fail, second attempt: success, third attempt: fail... and so forth.  The flavour combos were right, I just struggled with getting a consistent result and so I put my obsession to bed and moved on … Continue reading Mango and Strawberry Macarons


Pear and Chestnut Charlotte

Chestnut flavoured desserts are much more common in France, in fact it was after having a divine chestnut mousse at a restaurant that I was inspired to start using the ingredient. The problem however is finding the chestnut puree in South London, I've only come across it once in a supermarket near me and I guess it wasn't popular as I haven't seen it since - I'll be stocking up on my next trip to France.

Tiramisu Charlotte

I have the GBBO to thank for my obsession with Charlotte Russe, it was one of the showstopper challenges in series six and I just can't get enough of them now. I'd actually never thought of making a Charlotte Russe before that moment, but after a bit of frantic googling I came across lots of different recipes and decided to give it a go.