Moana birthday cake

Moana 1

If you’ve looked through my blog/recipes you’ll have seen that I’ve become a little obsessed with making entremets.  And whilst they’re super scrummy to eat, I haven’t quite figured out to decorate them “kid” friendly.  For my daughter’s birthday last year I popped on some Madagascar figurines and a few edible flowers but they didn’t really hold in place (how does anyone get anything to stick to glaze?!) making it a little tricky to move the cake as everything kept toppling over.

So this year I thought I’d try something simpler and more stable – well that was the plan anyway! What started out as a simple buttercream cake soon turned into a two tiered (one lemon, one vanilla) cake with a rather poor attempt at ombre frosting and lots of fannying around trying to make fondant decorations! But despite the panicked search on YouTube at 12.30am trying to figure how to get smooth frosting… the whole thing came together quite well! My little’un was sooo excited when she saw it, definitely worth all the effort :).

Here’s what I used to make it:

Top tier:

  • BBC – Lemon zingy lemon cake
  • 1 x 6″ cake tin
  • Cake cut in half and filled with lemon cured & vanilla buttercream
  • Lots of buttercream with aqua blue food colouring mixed in

Bottom tier:

  • BBC – Easy vanilla cake
  • 1 x 8″ cake tin
  • Cake cut in half and filled with raspbery jam & vanilla buttercream
  • Lots of buttercream with pink and orange food colouring mixed in
  • 8″ round thin white cake board
  • 5 x cake dowels cut down to just under height of cake when fully frosted


  • Tesco pre-made fondant icing in pink, yellow and white shaped into clam shells, starfish etc. and dusted with a little gold dust
  • Crushed up Amaretti biscuits to look like sand
  • Cocoa wafer rolls with mint leaves stuffed in them
  • Moana figurines

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