Tarte Bordaloue

On Thursday my work hosted a Macmillan Coffee morning, something we do every year to help raise funds for a charity that works tirelessly to support those with cancer. Knowing I would be a little short on time to bake on a weeknight, I decided to make a Tarte Bordaloue, a wondeful French pear frangipane … Continue reading Tarte Bordaloue

Baked Blueberry and Ricotta Tart

  The last couple months have flown by for one reason or another, and sadly I just haven't had as much time to bake all the things I'd planned. I'm sure I'll get to them soon, but in the mean-time here's an easy crowd pleaser perfect for a Sunday afternoon with family and friends. Baked … Continue reading Baked Blueberry and Ricotta Tart